How to pawtect(fine.. protect) your browser

Chrome. Safari. Firefox. Explorer.

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Browser Privacy Settings - Do Not Track and Private Browsing Windows


Chrome > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > > Privacy > Send “Do Not Track” request with your browser traffic

Firefox > Options > Privacy > manage your Do Not Track settings

Safari > Menu > Preferences > Privacy > Website tracking > Ask websites not to track me

Explorer > Tools (Alt + X) > Safety > Turn on tracking protection > Enable

Alternative Browsers and Search Engines

  • Brave is a browser which automatically blocks ads and trackers

  • Tor is a browsing software that enables you to surf the web anonymously

  • DuckDuckGo is a private search engine that does not track its users

  • StartPage is a private search engine that does not record your IP address or track your searches

Incognito Mode (Chrome)

  • Incognito mode on the web prevents Google Chrome from saving a record of what you visit and download.

  • Customise and control Google Chrome > New incognito window

  • Or hold down: Ctrl + Shift + N

New Private Window (Firefox)

  • New Private Window opens a private browsing window in Firefox.

  • Open menu > New Private Window

  • Or hold down: Ctrl + Shift + P

New Private Window (Safari)

  • New Private Window stops Safari from keeping track of what web pages you're viewing.

  • File menu > New Private Window

  • Or hold down: Command + Shift + N


  • InPrivate helps prevent Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session.

  • Tools > Safety > InPrivate Browsing

  • Or hold down: Ctrl + Shift + P

Use a VPN

  • A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is a way of disguising your IP and encrypting all of your internet traffic so that no one can find out what you’re viewing online.

  • Free VPN: OkayFreedom (please note: the free version of OkayFreedom is ad-supported) TunnelBear


The Tor Browser is designed to help keep you anonymous and is a simple yet effective way of browsing the internet without revealing your identity to anyone.

Download it here.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions (Add-ons\/plug ins), are programs which extend or customise a web browser. Extensions can be used to protect your privacy by blocking third parties from tracking your online activity. WARNING: Extensions can also be malicious examples.

Erasing your browsing history

  • Chrome > History > Clear browsing data

  • Firefox > Options > Privacy > History

  • Recommended PC Cleaners:

  • CCleaner

  • BleachBit

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