Identifying stress

Now we're going to learn how to spot stress, and understand how it makes you feel. We can do this together!.

Too much stress can cause serious damage to our health and quality of life.

Understanding what stress feels like and identifying what causes us to feel this way is very important. This can help us safeguard against future stress and feel confident about starting to live a healthier, stress-reduced life.

From serious health issues to drastic changes to your life like a divorce or death of a loved one, or every day worries like money concerns or even something like being stuck in traffic - we can be feeling stressed because of one or many reasons. Many of us are so used to being chronically stressed that we don’t even notice it anymore.

When we are experiencing stress, our body sends us important signals. One of the most common is that our heart speeds up and we breathe faster. Other signs of stress include:

  • Poor memory

  • Poor focus

  • Agitation or nervousness

  • Nausea and dizziness

  • Sleeping too much or too little

  • Eating too much or too little

  • Biting nails, picking skin, pulling on your own hair

What stress signals have you noticed your body sending you? Is there a pattern to when you feel stressed?

REMEMBER: Stress can be helpful. But too much can negatively affect your life.

ACTION: Next time you feel stressed, try to notice how your body feels. Where do you feel it in your body? Can you identify what is causing the stress?

NEXT: In the next lesson, we’ll look at how stress affects your body.

And don’t forget: You are valuable. You are powerful. You can do this!