Who made this?

This guide is a project by CHAYN, an open-source project that uses technology to empower women against violence and oppression so they can live happier and healthier lives. You can see our Impact reports here.
License: The content for this document is openly licensed using theCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. All are invited to remix and distribute it as long as it is appropriately attributed. We want to see more organisations use it!
View more on this license here. Legal code can be found here.
Volunteers who have worked on this guide:
  • Kristin Mathiesen
  • Jone Zubiaurre
  • Harriet Bailiss
  • Hanae Bezad
  • Dina Ariss
  • Amina Ahmad
  • Sally Pring @Spring-boardsfor the haunting illustrations
  • Lakshmi Manjoosha Adapa
  • Lee Ball
  • Asma Malik
  • Anu Chatterjee
  • Stephanie Akins
  • Evangelia Kampouri
  • Emma Leeson
  • Charlotte Seeley-Musgrave
  • Garance Mourgaud
  • Olivia Jardine
  • Saheli Sen Gupta
Last modified 4yr ago