2- Document security violations

Make sure all evidence is stored carefully and discretely so your abuser does not get a hold of it. There is more advice on this under How to Document Violations Of Privacy.

Method 1: Take screenshots

Did you receive an email from Google saying someone in an area code you don’t recognise was trying to gain access to your account?

=> Save this email for your reference, and take a screenshot of anything else that seems fishy to you.

Method 2: Record voice calls

Are you receiving voice calls by an unwanted or unknown person that is making you suspicious or uncomfortable?

=> Record these calls with an app in order to document the harassment.

Recommended Apps and Methods

How to record a call on an Android phone (using Boldbeast call recorder app)

How to record a call on an iPhone

Please note: In some countries it is illegal to record phone calls. Please check the laws in your country before recording any calls.

Method 3: Keep a diary

Make sure to keep track of what is happening to you, it is important as evidence to show how this has been impacting your day-to-day life and will help you remember important details that can help your case.

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