Voice calls and keeping a diary

Recording Voice Calls

You can record voice calls by downloading a recording app onto your phone or computer.

On smartphones (Android and iOS)

Download a free app called Call Recorder. Open the app and check in the top right corner of the screen that the recording feature is On. Press the Back button on your phone to go back to the main screen and go onto Call Settings. By default, Call Recorder automatically starts recording a call when you make or receive a call. You can easily switch it back off if you want to by changing the setting from On to Off on the app.

On apple computers, using skype

Download the free app called Piezo. After downloading Piezo, open it and open Skype. On Piezo, click on Source and select Skype. When you start a chat on Skype, click the red Record button in Piezo. Click OK to the pop-up alert warning that you are in trial mode. After the conversation has ended, click Record again to stop recording.

On windows computers, using skype

Download the free app called Eaver. After downloading the app, click Next in the installation program window until you get to the last page. Click on Allow Access when you are being asked to access Skype through the app. You can either enable the automatic recording setting or do it manually, clicking on Start Recording when you start a Skype call.

Please insure that you are not breaking the law in your country by recording private conversations.

Keeping a Diary

A good diary documents everything that has been happening to you. It’s important because it demonstrates to police, friends or family exactly how the stalker’s behaviour has impacted on your life. A log should include all events you believe to be connected to your stalker. This can include phone calls and electronic communication such as text messages, emails or cyberstalking events.

How do I keep a good diary?

A good diary needs to be updated as the incident is occurring or as soon as possible afterwards. If you keep a diary in this way, it is more likely to be accurate and used as evidence in any legal proceedings.

The diary should contain the following details about the incident:

  • the date

  • the time

  • what happens, i.e. do you receive unwanted or threatening messages\/emails

  • how it makes you feel

Here’s a sample log sheet


You should try to keep copies of all electronic messages your stalker sends you, including texts, emails and IM conversations. You can print out hard copies of emails, take screenshots (see ‘How To Take Screenshots & Safe Them Safely’ above) of IM conversations and some mobile handsets will allow you to download your texts and even your call lists onto your computer for future reference.

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