Online banking, billing account and other accounts

Online banking

  1. Phishing scams to try and get your password

  2. Passwords & Login information

  3. If your abuser knows who you bank with, they could gain access to your online banking and use this to track you or to cut you off financially.

  4. If you have a joint account, it may be possible for your abuser to set up alerts when there is activity on the account.

  1. Change your login details as soon as you receive them from the bank. The bank will often send a paper letter to you containing the details, meaning you should destroy the letter and change your details so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

  2. Never give anyone your login details.

  3. Where possible, select a bank which offers two-factor authentication login.

  4. Switch to paperless statements.

  5. Change your billing address to your current one.

  6. Create a strong password.

  7. Every time you complete your online banking session, log off from your account. Do not just close your browser.

  8. Set up two-step authentication for online banking login (see appendix)

  9. Consider switching to an app-only bank such as B, Monese or Tandem where there is no online platform and all details are locked to your phone. For extra security on these apps enable touch ID.

  10. Login to online banking and ensure all alerts are deactivated.

  11. Another option is to use a prepaid card, where no activity is tracked online and it will not be possible for your user to track you in this money. Mondo is a good example, all details are stored in your phone only.

Billing account

  1. Password

  2. Login information

  3. Phishing scams

  1. Change your passwords

  2. Never login at an untrusted PC\/laptop

  3. Switch to paperless billing

Any other site requiring a signup or account

University\/ School ; Health and Beauty ; Car repair

  1. Low threshold for security

  2. Saved addresses

  1. Choose a different password

  2. Don’t keep your home address saved

  3. Two-step verification

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