7 - Advanced security resources

Advanced SmartPhone Security

Using your mobile securely

Find out from your provider what location and third party settings there are on your contract.

Encrypting Your Devices


Settings > Security > Encrypt device

It will take about an hour to encrypt your android device so make sure your battery is charged. You will need to enter a password to decrypt your device every time you turn it on.


All iPhones are encrypted by default. However, you should make sure you are using a long passcode to make it tougher to access.

Advanced PC/Laptop Security

Password Managers

Password Management software stores encrypted versions of your passwords so you can use a unique, secure password for every service without having to remember every password. There are plenty of free Password Managers to select from, for example, KeePass (see how to setup and use it), LastPass and Padlock.

How to avoid malware

If you continue to use your own computer you will need to ensure that your computer does not get infected by malware. This is a particular concern for those in high-risk situations where the abuser has advanced computer skills or connections to a person or organisation that does.

Malware is any kind of program designed to harm or hijack the operation of your computer without your consent or knowledge – this includes viruses, spyware etc.

These are the main ways in which to protect your system from malware:

  1. regularly update your operating system, and all of the programs installed upon it

  2. use an anti-virus program

  3. use a firewall program

  4. use an anti-spyware program

Avoiding malware and spyware extension: Disconnect.me

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