Items in chronological order with the following details:

  • Date

  • Time (if known and if important)

  • Where incident happened

  • Incident

  • People involved

  • Supporting Evidence

Keep the timeline short.



20th May, 2013 Lagos, Nigeria

“I’m married to [X] in the presence of both of our families”

People involved: My family and friends, His family and friends except his sister who could not come because she was pregnant and couldn’t travel from Sudan. Supporting Evidence: Marriage pictures (Evidence 3-7), Marriage certificate (Evidence 14).

27th May, 2013 10pm (approximately). Bedroom, Husband’s house (address)

Husband shouts at me and curses at me for refusing sex. He calls me a “whore” and accuses me of sleeping with “the corner shop man and the postman and anyone else you can find.”

3rd November, 2013 Abuja, Nigeria at my sister-in-laws house [address]

“My husband chokes me and my in-laws walk in and get him off. They then take me to the hospital” (Details: Personal Statement, Paragraph 22)

People involved: My husband’s sister, [Y], mother-in-law[X] and husband [M]

Supporting Evidence: Statement from Nurse [Name], Screenshot of conversation of sister-in-law & my mother [evidence 11]

And like this you can continue the timeline. Keep the incidents brief!

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